How To Easily Get The Best Furniture Shipped To Your Vacation Rental Home

Location is one of the foremost factors to consider when purchasing an investment property. When it comes to generating substantial revenue from a vacation home, however, how you furnish your space is also a key consideration. Prospective renters who view images of your property online will pay careful attention to the different items that are placed throughout the abode. They know that these things will have a significant impact on the overall ambiance of the space and on the level of comfort that they enjoy. Following are several important considerations that you should make when choosing items to furnish your rental unit.

Comfort And Style

The items that you choose should represent an optimal balance of both comfort and style. You want people to feel good when they relax on your sofas, lounge chairs and beds, but you also need these things to have an impressive look in all of your selected marketing materials. Take some time to read the reviews for different furnishings before investing in them. If possible, see if you can’t test some of these items out in-person as well, in order to gauge their cushion, support and overall comfort.

Durability And Ease Of Maintenance

Durability and ease of maintenance are two additional features to look for. Microfiber furnishings can have a luxury look and a comfortable feel. More importantly, these are very easy to clean. When spills or smudges occur, these can often be wiped away with a damp cloth. This will limit your need to pay for costly upholstery cleaning services and will extend the aesthetic appeal and overall lifetime of the items that you invest in. Given that lots of people will be passing through your home, it is important to choose options that will wear well. Leather, wicker and other selections are also valued among vacation home owners given that these materials are easy to preserve and clean.

Universal Appeal

Avoid patterns and colors that are garish or that create a very specific type of ambiance. You want your home interior to have a universal appeal so that you’re never hard put to find renters. If you cater to a specific set of preferences with your decor, you will limit the market of prospective renters that you have access to. It is far better to shop for basic, muted colors and traditional looks that will endure. High-quality pieces can be refurbished and restored at a much lower price than typical replacement costs. Modern design trends might be appealing now, but they will likely create the need to redecorate within just a few short months or years.

shipping furnitureTransporting Your Items

Most people who own vacation properties do not live within driving distance of their rental units. Thus, shipping furniture and the costs of these endeavors are also a vital consideration during the decorating process. You can opt to work with online furniture suppliers that offer free shipping to clients who spend beyond a specific amount of money or you can work with retailers in your own area and then have your goods shipped through a local shipping company. This option will give you the chance to make an in-person assessment of furnishings before you actually invest in them. Always take the time to compare the prices of each option so that the costs of transporting your furnishings do not have a tremendous impact on your overall decorating budget.