New To Vacation Home Rentals: What You Should Look For?

Vacation rentals are a wonderful way to enjoy your vacation. Unlike booking a hotel, a vacation rental means living in an individual’s house while on vacation. This means dealing with several issues and questions that may seem mystifying for a first-time traveler. So before you set out on your very first holiday with a vacation rental, here are a few things you should know.

Use a reputable website to find your vacation rentals — There are several websites offering vacation rentals. You may have specific requirements like pet housing, proximity to hospitals, etc. and you should keep these in mind while booking holiday homes. Choose a website that has several homes listed and sorted according to specific needs, budget, etc.

Read the reviews — Try to pick a home that has been visited previously. Read the reviews listed on the website and contact the owner through emails or direct phone calls before you book the holiday home.

Ask a lot of questions — Homes are individual and they may have several quirks that are specific to the owner. Its not unusual to find owners asking visitors to space our baths to ensure hot water availability. Some owners may also be specific about house cleaning, parking availability, food and grocery shopping, etc. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible to ensure a smooth visit.

Clarify all costs upfront — If you are booking through the website, the main cost is the vacation booking. However, incidental costs may pop up and this may cut into your holiday budget. For example, some owners may charge a cleaning fee in the house is cleaned prior to your arrival and after you leave. Usually, the fee covers the house cleaning but it may also include/ not include laundry charges, breakage, and other incidentals. Make sure you clarify all charges and deals before you go ahead with the rental.

Security deposits — All owners require a security deposit before you will be allowed to rent the home. However, the deposit will be cut in case the house is damaged during the stay. It’s a good idea to evaluate the home as soon as you enter the house. Let the owner know any visible damage and clarify that you did not do it. This protects your security deposit and ensures that the owner is aware of the issue.

Part of the attraction of vacation home rentals is spending your vacation on your terms in lesser-known locales. This offers a great way to explore a new city by living in a small home. If you do your research correctly, you may even find that your vacation home rentals are far cheaper than a hotel booking and all its incidental expenses.